We Dedicate Our Mission to Our Loved Ones

Francesco Caffarelli

Francesco Caffarelli
1886 - 1933

"It took great courage to come to America at a very young age, not knowing what the future had in store for you ... and not having a clue that a gene you carried would adversely affect the next generations. Life was not picture perfect... and you worked hard to keep the family together. Your short time here brought the gifts of so many loving beings, who now proudly carry your name. Grandpa, may you Rest in Peace knowing that you did your best.

Love, your Grandchildren"

Victor Chillemi Jr.

Victor Chillemi Jr.
1944 -1989

"Victor Salvatore “Babe” Chillemi, Jr. The name says it all, “Babe”. He was our babe, a man who loved life, his country and his family.

Babe was also my father. A father with so much love in his heart that he made sure to live longer than he was supposed to. When Daddy was in the hospital back in 1982, I remember the doctors telling me, that he would only live about one to two years. Not only did that not happen, but Daddy made sure he lived seven years longer to see me through my teens.

Daddy made sure the public was being educated on Muscular Dystrophy. He was such an advocate. There were newspaper articles written about him, and I remember hearing his voice on the radio, doing interviews with the local radio stations. He always promoted the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. Both Mom and Dad ran the telethon for Ocean and Monmouth County for years.

As Daddy’s progression of the disease got worse, our family became more adamant in seeking answers to the hard questions of why, how and when? On November 28, 1989 at 8:05 p.m., Heaven gained a new angel and C.F.S.R. was born.
Daddy, there is not a day that goes by without me missing and thinking about you. I wish you were here to see me grow up, get married and have a family of my own. But I know you are looking down and watching over me. I love you so, so much.

Love, your Peanut."

Edward Hughes

Edward Hughes
1944 - 1992

"Eddie Hughes my older brother was also known to us as FATSO because he was a very big baby. My parents said he weighed 13 pounds when he was born.

Once I remember all of us painting the house and my Dad split up the paint between the three of us. When we got done with the paint we could go so Eddie used up his paint and went on his way. When my Dad checked later he found out why Eddie got done so quickly, he dug a hole and buried the paint!!

Eddie was smart, good looking, tall, blonde, and an awesome brother and son. He loved and was loved but never had any children of his own.

He passed away much too young but I know he is with my entire family in heaven. I miss him, and I miss Walter, Pattyann, Mom, and my Dad, who passed away in 1976.

I love you Eddie and miss you.

Your brother, Jimmy Boy "

Patricia Swantek

Patricia Caffarelli Swantek
1912 - 1994

"You took pleasure in your role of being the first in your family... a matriarch... never asking for anything in return. With great wisdom, you were always ready to guide us with words of encouragement and support. We could count on you to do the right thing or teach us what that was in any situation. Remembering how very smart, caring, helpful, generous and understanding you were and how you gave so much to so many. A modern woman of your time, you excelled in your career and still dedicated so much of your time to your family... your two sons, your mother, siblings and even nieces and nephews. You have left us memories of one strong woman who lived a full life and gave to the end. Thank you for being there for all of us. You are loved and truly missed!

Your loving family"

Dorothy Russo

Dorothy Caffarelli Hughes Russo
1924 - 1998

"As your youngest child, I know that you did to the best of your ability, to raise your four children. You gave Walter, Eddie, Patti, and myself the strength of your soul... shelter, food, fun, laughter, and most of all, your time. We always knew you were on our side no matter what life's unpleasantries brought us. We received the most important and genuine message from you. We knew you loved us and there was never a time we didn't love you, especially me. In my eyes, heart, and soul, you gave me the most perfect gift. You gave me a Mother that I will treasure with every breath I take and I will love you....forever.

Your Jimmy boy, Jimmy Hughes"

Angela Chillemi

Angela Caffarelli Chillemi
1922 - 1999

"With amazing strength, you birthed all 13, caring for and raising us as you faced so many other challenges...widowed, losses, illnesses... yet your strength came through even as you received your own diagnosis with SPMD, much later than your children.
Your forgiving attitude and unconditional love make you a saint... your smile and laugh always lives in our hearts.
Thank you Mom, we miss you so much!!!

Your Loving Children"

Paul  (Paulie)  Puccerella Jr

Paul (Paulie) Puccerella Jr
1962 - 2005

"I have so much to say about my son, Paulie. It was a privilege for us to have him for forty-two years.

Paulie was a gentle, kind, thoughtful, loving son who had the most beautiful smile to go with it. He also was a great son, brother, uncle, cousin and he recently became a grandfather of two since he has been in heaven.

Paulie had so many friends in his lifetime, young and old. One reason for that is he knew how to listen and was always there for them.

He loved to fish and enjoyed anything to do with nature. Paulie liked to sing and listen to country music.

Paulie will always be in our thoughts and prayers everyday until we meet again in heaven.

Love, Mom"

Patricia A. Curivan

Patricia A. Hughes Curivan
1947 - 2006

"Patricia Curivan is the most remarkable human being I have ever known. Her desire to be a part of this world led her to a life in community service for over 30 years.

She was a force for good in this world. Out of her enormous heart, with a sense of tremendous optimism, she simply gave and gave endlessly.

She set very high goals and then worked tirelessly to achieve them. By the grace of God she gave of herself - out of love.
And she did this all for free.

The lady is my religion.

With Love from Gene Curivan"

Michael Chillemi

Michael Chillemi
1960 - 2008

"An extremely courageous soul... Michael's legacy is one of determination and resourcefulness, intelligence and strength. Having a clear mind and strong will, he taught us everyday to never give up... always believe. His humor and playfulness is missed by many...
We love you!

Your loving sisters and brothers"

"Michael always joked even towards the end of his life. He taught me how to laugh when times were tough. Michael played the hand he was dealt extremely well and thought highly of the family, especially his nieces and nephews. Heaven gained a jokester that will always look down on us.

Love, Taylor
ps In heaven, we still need to have a wheelchair race!"

 Donald P. Swantek

Donald P. Swantek
1943 - 2013

Donald "Donny" lived a full life despite his disabilities. He filled the world passionately with his music and ministry, both lighting his way. He loved people and brought that "light" to everyone that talked with him. Always helping and caring about others, he smiled and laughed a lot, never leaving us without a joke or something funny! His voice brought healing to others and his service to the community will always be truly valued.

Donny is deeply missed by so many.

Norma Chillemi

Norma Marie Chillemi
1943 - 2013

Norma Marie Chillemi was the most beautiful woman I knew, she was my mother. With her beautiful brown curly hair, striking green eyes and pretty smile & dimples, she could light up a room! Some of our favorite things to do was to laugh & eat, and what a funny laugh she had! We called her, "The Italian Food Pusher." You could not go to her house without her feeding you. But most of all, she was the most loving and caring mother anyone could have. We had such a special mother & daughter relationship that I will always cherish. Her children and grandchildren were the most important thing to her, "They were her life." She was also a loving great-grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend. My mother fought this horrible disease for thirty years with a positive attitude and never complained. She was the strongest woman I've ever known. My mother is my hero!! She is finally at peace and is with her beloved son, "Paulie."
Until we meet again.
Love, your daughter,

PS. We Love & Miss You Mom,Mom!
Love your grandchildren,
Danielle & Frankie ❤

Susan Chillemi

Susan Chillemi
1952 - 2013

On December 8, 2013, Susan Chillemi passed away peacefully at home. Although she lived with this terrible disease for over 25 years, she never lost her dignity, grace and love for her family and friends.
Her brothers and sisters are what got her through all the difficult times she had to endure.
After her passing, I came to realize how truly special Susan was to so many people. Friends of hers expressed to me what an inspiration she was to all of them.
Although she never sought it out, she seemed to be the sister that family members gravitated to for advice, understanding, and love.
Words cannot express how truly missed she will be. We have lost a very special friend, aunt, sister, and love of my life.
She will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

All my love,