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The Caffarelli Family Study Research Foundation, Inc. (C.F.S.R.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by our family whose members live with scapuloperoneal muscular dystrophy (SPMD.)

C.F.S.R. is dedicated to educate the public and raise awareness of SPMD and is committed to promote research and investigation in identification of the gene, the cause and correction of the defected gene. Through education, advocacy and research we strive to develop treatments and ultimately a cure for this disease.

We are grateful to so many generous and compassionate people that have put their hearts first to help keep our mission strong and give us hope!

The road has been long, the challenges great, and yet we are determined to find healing in the midst of all the suffering from this debilitating disease.

Please browse through our website and learn more about our family, SPMD and what we are doing to combat it.